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Mother’s Day and Photography

Mother’s Day is upon us once again.  Mom’s will get all varieties of gifts from their children.  Perhaps the promise of a day without inter-sibling warfare.  (Yeah, like that’s gonna work.)  Perhaps a bouquet of flowers.  (You probably should have laid down the weed-killer before the yellow flowers got picked for your treat.)  Perhaps a […]

Popular Vote

I just found out that “Breaking Light Tower” has sold out at the Artists Gallery.  That means I need to bring in some inventory to display.  Which of these, dear reader, would you like to see displayed?  Vote in the comments.  Make your voice heard! (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of […]

Huge news!

I know.  The first word in that headline is overused these days, but it’s the biggest news that the studio has had in a long time. As of last Sunday, the Images of Beauty Photography studio has joined forces with the Artists Gallery ( in Racine, Wisconsin.  The studio will be displaying 2-3 larger photographs on […]