Artist’s Statement

“How pretentious is that?  You aren’t an artist!”

Maybe this is a deep insecurity or maybe this is the truth.  If I were to depend on my hands to show how I see the world, whether that be through drawing, painting, or sculpture,  Images of Beauty would not easily lend itself to the name of my studio.

I seek to capture images (Is that pretentious?  Take a photo?) of things that everyone sees but few SEE.  Different vantage points of vistas that everyone captures.  Beauty where few see it.



Beauty can be seen in the intimate details of everyday object most only observe from a high, hovering view.


In the Pulpit

Beauty can be see from the aggregation of the small into the large, highlighting otherwise unobserved patterns.


In Flight

To a casual observer, my work has a tendency to look rather dark, with much in the way of shadows.  However, when one looks harder at these pieces, the observer will notice that the beauty of the piece comes from the often dramatic contrasts of those dark tonalities with shocks of light that catch they eye and refuse to release it.


Rather Than to Curse the Darkness

Though photography must be based on the observable world, I enjoy creating images that hide that reality, knocking the viewer out of balance as to what the real world is.

Infinite Web

The opposite is also true.  I enjoy bringing one reality into another reality’s realm, helping to enhance it, to make it more rich than it already is.


But isn’t that the purpose of art?  Maybe the opening isn’t so pretentious after all.  Maybe I really AM an artist.